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Designers Fit An Entire City Into One Slice of an Empty Room

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Over at a design museum in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Amsterdam-based design studio Rietveld Landscape has devised this pale blue wall divider that looks something like a monochromatic, stained glass cityscape. It's actually the continuation of a project the museum commissioned for 2010's Venice Architecture Biennale, wherein the design studio created a room-size miniature city to show off the untapped potential of Utrecht's vacant buildings. Three years later, the museum asked for another installation, and so Rietveld Landscape created another piece, though this time on a completely different plane. "Pretty Vacant," basically a wall of familiar architectural silhouettes made from the same Smurf-colored hard Styrofoam of the original display, sits like a wall divider and offers up a fresh look at, well, an imaginary urban landscape.

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