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Deer Valley Considering Expansion Of "Hundreds Of Acres"

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According to the Park Record, Deer Valley and adjoining landowners are considering an expansion of "hundreds of acres" that would fan out from the existing Jordanelle Express Gondola and head south along Route 40 towards Heber City. This east side of the resort, which faces the Jordanelle Reservoir, hosts only the private and gated Deer Crest community, while officials have recognized its potential to host a more traditional base area as well as provide better access for visitors coming from the south who wouldn't have to deal with Park City traffic. Not to mention a serious amount of new terrain, lifts, and real estate.

While details are vague and no applications have been submitted, Deer Valley and the neighboring landowners, which involved private land running from the Mayflower lift to Highway 40 and three separate parcels of military-owned land, are thinking of houses, hotels, and condos numbering in the "hundreds of units," along with a few new lifts. Deer Valley president Bob Wheaton thinks a development application, and potentially multiple applications, could be filed with Wasatch County by the end of the year. Thoughts?

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