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Tour the Hipster Equivalent of the Creepy Taxidermy House

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Apartment Therapy recently toured the hip, young, Los Angeles version of Texas' "Dead Animal House," complete with a beyond-creepy two-headed skeleton (above right, top of shelf), a fully feathered goose hanging from the ceiling, and—go big or go home, as they say—a stuffed polar bear standing at full height in the corner. Apartment Therapy writes that people may "mistake" the 1,550-square-foot abode "for a natural history museum," but, let's be real, not even museums have as many skulls or hauntingly beautiful taxidermied animals per square foot as this living room. It's like if Portlandia took on taxidermy, or if Melrose Place replaced a few of their attractive people with stuffed seagulls. Oh, and, come on, that moose head is actually bigger than the fireplace.

So who lives in this live-in curiosity cabinet? Emi, who once worked at a museum, and her beau, Nathan, are frequenters of L.A.'s flea markets and add to their collection every weekend. "Things feel more special to us when they are hand-picked, vintage and painted, found and re-contextualized, used and renewed," the couple says. "Our home is an ever-changing installation of ideas and visuals that is a perfect reflection of us. It's like a 3D mood board with places to sit, sleep, and eat."

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