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See Marvelous Interiors in the 'Secret Lives of Toy Animals'

My Modern Met recently featured these magnificent miniature interiors crafted by photographer Jeff Friesen. When his daughter was a toddler, Friesen soon came to realize that "the realities of being a drooled-upon stay-at-home dad really freed up time in my social calendar," leaving room for, well, toys. Using dollhouse fixings, home renovation scraps, and craft supplies, Friesen gave his daughter's figurines entire separate lives, including fabulously colorful dwellings. The subjects of his "Wild Life Prints," which he sells on Etsy, include Hugo the hippo (above), plus a kitten in an Eames chair, a dinosaur watering his potted plants, and many, many more. "I was soon buying plastic animals and dollhouse furniture at a rate previously unknown to middle-aged males," Friesen writes on his Etsy page. "My daughter is the happy owner of toy animals that form a 16 foot-long parade line through the house."

Each print, featuring such fantastic details as lemon-yellow wallpaper, Egg Chairs, and free-standing porcelain bathtubs, has a story. The tiny hippo, above? "Hugo was a model of self-restraint in many aspects of life. In fact, he restrained himself from piano practice every day. Surely no one would notice if He took one small bite of his sister's birthday cake. Just one tiny bite!"

? "His family used to follow polar bears in hopes of finding scraps to eat, now they're searching the internet for a deal on mid-century furnishings. Money has been tight since their savings, invested in Lemmings Brothers, disappeared when the lemmings ran off a cliff. Invest wisely in quirky fox-based art and your children will thank you."

? "Oreo's parents own an Aarnio Eero Ball Chair as an architectural piece, but he prefers it as a refuge from the constant attention a young panda attracts. You'd think the neighborhood was a zoo or something."

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