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Tour a Home With 'Shrunken Heads' and 'Mummified Cats'

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Is the era of hipster houses full of dead things upon us? The Midnight Archive, a web series that "aims to document the exotic, the strange, the eccentric, and the truly unique," just spotlighted artist Ryan Matthew Cohn's Brooklyn apartment, a dark, third-floor walk-up full of animal skulls and other creeptastic specimens—"mummified Peruvian ears", Egyptian cats—in glass cloches. "I think a lot of these artifacts could be construed as weird or macabre because they are dealing with death," he says in the video, below. "I've chosen to give them, I think, a different type of beauty." And, of course, this all comes out right around the time Apartment Therapy posted its own tour of a young, hip taxidermy-filled house, which just goes to show the old adage still rings true: when it rains steer skulls and anatomical specimens, it pours.

The Video:

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