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Hyman & Hunter Project Will Eat Up Parking After All

In the name of a shorter two-year construction timeline, Aspen officials decided to allow developer Nikos Hecht to take over all of the parking lot at the corner of Hyman Avenue & Hunter Street as well as the neighboring sidewalks while his three-story building is raised. Hecht & his venture, Aspen Core Ventures, claim they'll be able to build the project, along with a $2 million remodel of the nearby Benton building, two-and-a-half years faster this way. [Aspen Daily News]

Kecht bought the site, along with the Benton building and neighboring eatery Little Annie's in 2010 for $17.5 million. God willing, they will keep rent flat for Annie's, lest their legendary drink deals go through the roof to the chagrin of Aspen locals.

· Council sacrifices sidewalks, parking for faster construction [Aspen Daily News]