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Sugar Bowl Announces New Crow's Nest Chair To Open This Season

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Sugar Bowl announced this week that a new fixed-grip triple chair will be installed over the course of this summer up to Crow's Nest Peak, which was previously hike-to only terrain from the Disney Express high-speed quad. The chair will access 1,000 vertical feet of cliffs, small bowls, and classically well-spaced Tahoe tree skiing along with two new groomed runs. While serious skiers and snowboarders will lament the exclusivity they no longer enjoy by being the only ones willing to hike out to Crow's Nest for fresh powder once the rest of the mountain is tracked out, two major advantages come with the new lift: the ability to drop the full length of favorite runs like the Strawberry Fields without having to cut out early to make it back to the Disney chair, and the ability to ski some great fall-line terrain on heavy storm days, which typically shut down some of the mountains' gnarlier terrain due to the lifts' exposure to heavy winds.

The new Crow's Nest triple faces northeast, offering protection from the area's prevailing southwest winds, and should give area stormriders some pause before heading to Tahoe's default storm chair - Squaw Valley's KT-22 - when the region is in blizzard mode.

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