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Would You Pay $8.75 Million For An Aspen Penthouse?

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It's hard to believe it's still nearly half as expensive as the priciest penthouse in town, but nonetheless, this $8.75 million downtown Aspen penthouse that's Curbed National's House of the Day might have more traditional ski town buyers scratching their heads. Nope, no driveway to some remote mountain enclave with a backyard opening up onto miles of National Forest land. Rather, a 3,200 square foot top-floor penthouse on East Main Street has only a 1,250 square foot patio and immediate walking access to downtown Aspen as its outdoor amenities, while a handsome touch of modern design that the folks at Aspen Peak are all about and a funky kids' bunkroom pervade the interior. The full photoset, and your judgement, awaits at the full Curbed National post.

· Mountain Penthouse On Aspen's Main Street Asks $875M [Curbed National]