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Inside a Parisian Furniture Aficionado's Effortlessly Cool Pad

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What is it about Paris homes—whether it's slick micro-dwellings, fabulously opulent mansions, or lofts inexplicably occupied by three Napoleons—that make them so effortlessly cool, even when they're aspiring to recreate a uniquely American aesthetic? Such is the case for designer Jean-Christophe Aumas' Paris digs, once a 300-year-old convent and now dressed up like a modern dwelling of 1950s Palm Springs, Calif. Aumas decked his place in Scandinavian furnishings from the '60s, plus a suite of flea market finds, creating strong geometry and a sense of laid-back glamour—"the horizontality of the murals, the curves of the sofa and chair, as well as graphic patterns [of the] parquet [floors]" all "enrich the decor," as Marie Claire Maison puts it.

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