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Have a Look Around This Incredibly Californian Party Barn

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Spotted today over at Houzz: a super-simple pre-fab "barn" that serves as a punchy, modern play space, storage unit, and guest house. When the owners found out their 16-acre property in Monterey Bay, Calif., had an existing permit for a secondary structure, they called upon architect Cass Calder Smith to build a cheap, easy, steel-and-plywood party barn—so simple in construction they dubbed it the "Monopoly-style house"—and later filled it with a wood-burning stove, shag rug, paper lanterns, green billiards table, and, because this is the California coast, their colorful collection of surfboards. OK, so maybe it's not as complex as some other pre-fab structures—billboard abodes, treehouses, and, you know, the world's next tallest building, for example—but even so, it's a delightful little space, so check out the photos, below.

· See a Party Barn Shaped Like a Game Piece on the California Coast [Houzz]