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The Opulent Hotel Interiors of Superstar Interior Designers

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There's something about hotel spaces—the melding of the personal and commercial, perhaps—that makes them particularly interesting canvases for interior designers, particularly those whose aesthetic is distinct and well-known. Exhibit A: the hotel work of high-end celebrity designer (and "delicious" headlining personality of Million Dollar Decorators,) Martyn Lawrence Bullard.
For the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, Calif. (above), Bullard brings in his jewel-box color palette and penchant for ethnic-inspired pattern, though, still, it's toned down in a way that's more, well, universally digestible. The same is true for Kelly Wearstler's ebullient maximalism and even Philippe Starck's fluid je ne sais quoi. Have a look, above.

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