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Bonkers Tokyo Hotel Package Costs $514K For Three Nights

The Hilton Hotels & Resorts flagship in Japan, the Conrad Tokyo, is celebrating the company's 50th anniversary in Japan with one of the most outlandish hotel packages ever conceived, dubbed the Ultimate 50. For the reasonable price of $514K, guests get a three-night stay in the Conrad's most luxurious room, the 2,400-square-foot Royal Hamarikyu Suite (above)—so named for its views of Hamarikyu Gardens—and a litany of special services, perks, and gifts. Well, gifts that the guests already paid for with the $176K-per-night room rate. See all the outrageous add ons, below. Here's a hint: 2013 is also Lamborghini's 50th anniversary.

? Guests will probably feel a little bit better about laying out more than $170K a night when they get the keys to the included Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 supercar, which retails for $240K. The guests will be able to drive (or ship) the 552-horsepower auto home after their brief stay, but will have a not-so-desirable reminder of their stay in the Conrad-themed paint job. While staying at the hotel, guests won't have to worry about driving, but will be chauffeured around town in an Audi A8 sedan.

? As if the car wasn't extravagant enough, the package also includes a diamond encrusted wristwatch—the Blancpain Léman Tourbillon Grande Date Diamants (above)—which runs $170K at retail. Guests can wear the flashy timepiece while touring the Tsukiji Fish market with a sushi expert, dining on the "Ultimate Dinner," enjoying breakfast (with a side of Cristal champagne), or sipping on the included 50-year Scotch whiskey, but probably shouldn't leave it in the locker room while indulging in the included spa treatments.

? Homebody high-rollers can relax in the palatial royal suite, lounging in the tub while enjoying views of the gardens and surrounding city. Access to this exclusive room is through an executive lounge with private check-in and check-out, which ensures that those dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on a long weekend won't have to mix with the rabble in the public lobby. Of course, the suite and all its charms can also be had alone for $4,800 a night, a savings of nearly $500K over the package.

· Conrad Tokyo's half a million dollar package offers a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and Blancpain watch [Luxury Launches]