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The Definitive Guide to Opening a Hipster Boutique Hotel

Lately it seems the hospitality realm is catering more and more to a certain mustache-rocking, film-using, whiskey-decantering subculture—the same society that made the likes of the Ace Hotel, with its photo booths and craft brews, and NYC's The Jane, with its Wes Anderson-inspired decor, so successful. But what exactly goes into making the ultimate hipster hotel? Flash Web sites brimming with Instagram photos? Smelly old books? Dogs in backpacks? Yes, yes, and yes. Oh, but there is so much more. Below, Curbed's scientifically tested and approved starter kit for crafting a hipster hotel of one's very own—get out your vintage typewriter, please, and start taking notes.


And now, in more detail...

1. There's nothing more Instagram-worthy & hip than ampersands.
2. Princess Di on a hand-made lighting fixture, like the one in Berlin's Michelberger Hotel.
3. In Austin, Texas, the San Jose Hotel offers in-suite record players and vinyl records.
4. A disco ball, apropos of nothing. This one here is over at NYC's The Jane.
5. Tablets lighting the faces of mustachioed men. A must. Without this, there is no hope for a true hipster hotel.
6. An analog photo booth, like the one at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Ore.
7. Industrial chandeliers. Alternative: a string of circus-y industrial bulbs.
8. Free bike rentals. Fedoras not included.
9. This toilet paper holder. It's at Chicago's Longman & Eagle, which is supposed to look like "an old Chicago neighborhood inn."
10. A wall covered in computer keys, like the one in NYC's The Jane.
11. Lemurs. Duh. This fine mural is over at Copenhagen's Hotel Fox.
12. Gratuitous ropes plus The New York Times.
13. Follow the lead of The Surf Lodge in Montauk, N.Y., and pick up some turquoise Eames barstools.
14. A wall-mounted bottle opener.
15. Meticulously, methodically messed-up paint.
16. Mildly offensive murals, this one from San Francisco's Hotel des Arts.
17. "Nuanced, botanical products from an apothecary." Thank you, again, Ace.
18. Orange velvet, lots of tufting. (Though Mad Men-era folk did it before it was cool.)
19. The Thunderbird, in Marfa, Texas, boasts "latticework of salvaged oil-field piping."
20. Hammocks. Lots of hammocks.
21. Terrariums. Also at Chicago's Longman (ampersand) Eagle.
22. Rooms like vintage sleeper cards. These bad boys are from The Jane, which, to really up its street cred, got its decor inspiration from Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited.
23. At least one grouted book wall. At least.
24. Old-timey circus signage. Particularly if it says something totally irrelevant. Like "moonshine."

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