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Here Now, 17 of the World's Most Bizarre Hotel Gimmicks

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Photos via The Atlantic Cities

Last fall, Japanese conceptual artist Tatzu Nishi—he who kerplunks living rooms 70 feet above NYC's Columbus Circle and apartments at the tippy top of cathedrals—outdid himself by opening the world's first hotel inside an operational public bathroom. Yes, for just $125 a night in downtown Osaka, Japan, one could hear the flushing sounds of a stranger's midnight trip, —well, that is, if the single, 237-square-foot suite of Nakanoshima Hotel (above) hadn't been booked solid for the entirety of its temporary existence. Success like this could explain why, elsewhere on the planet, hotels are offering similarly bizarre experiences to get some free publicity and a little extra consumer buzz—pillows made of sheet cake, beds sculpted from sand, sleeping bags on park benches, and hundreds of QR codes are just a few of the hospitality offerings on the table. Here now: a round-up of the strangest, most totally insane hotel schemes, including a Latvian hotel tourists go to be treated like a 20th-century Soviet military criminals.

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