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Anatomy of a Hotel Room: The Plaza's Fitzgerald Suite

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When the Baz Luhrmann movie remake of The Great Gatsby took over God's green earth opened in May, everyone wanted to get in on the action, from real estate brokers trying to cash in on the Gatsby name to the Prada store in New York, which showcased the film's elaborate costumes in a spectacular window display.

While Gatsby fever has already been dimmed by the bright lights of the summer movie season, the Fitzgerald Suite, which opened in April in advance of the film's debut, will be a permanent fixture at New York's Plaza Hotel. The 700-square-foot space was designed by Catherine Martin, the Oscar-winning designer responsible for Gatsby's sumptuous sets, and aims to celebrate the movie as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald's actual history with the hotel—the author and his wife, Zelda, were both regular cocktail-drinkers here ("orange blossoms spiked with bootleg gin," Zelda's biographer once told New York.) And, of course, one of the novel's final, most dramatic scenes takes place at The Plaza—the confrontation between Daisy Buchanan's husband and her lover, Jay Gatsby.

Getting back to the suite at hand, which has been quoted at $2,795 a night: "The lines between reality and fantasy are blurred," says Martin in a Q&A on the suite's official site. "It will be a dramatic deco space that recalls the dynamism of the Jazz Age and the 1920s, hopefully making you feel as if you are a guest in a hotel described in one of Fitzgerald's novels." Naturally, this meant calling in reinforcements from Restoration Hardware, worldwide expert in making new things look old, and creating a minibar "that harks back to the days of gin martinis in teacups and mint juleps in cut crystal on a hot summer's afternoon." A look, right here:

Photos courtesy of Restoration Hardware

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