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Pack Those Bags: Curbed's Hotels Week Begins Right Now

Hear ye, hear ye: right this second marks the commencement of Curbed's inaugural Hotels Week, a five-day tribute to hotels. On the city sites, that means maps and guides curated by local Curbed editors, plus the definitive answer, once and for all, to the question, "Where should I stay in [CITY NAME]?" Here on national, we're leaving HotelChatter to drool over the celebrity hotel gossip, management switcharoos, and Bond-themed weekend packages; instead, we'll be looking at hotel properties, whether they're classic old-money bastions or hipster boutique hotels, through the larger lens of design. As always, we'll fête the lovely and the hideous alike, which means a hotel room inspired by, uh, homelessness (yes, it exists) is as fair game here as a stunning Art Deco suite inspired by The Great Gatsby. Throughout the week, look for interviews with big-name hospitality designers; before-and-afters of historically sensitive hotel conversions; visual tours of the country's many art-filled lobbies; and, of course, a gleeful celebration of bad hotels—and their equally bad reviews. If any of this hotel talk awakens a long-buried memory of a past hotel experience—good, bad, or, best of all, ugly—do send a note to the tipline, as we'd love to hear about it. And with that, away we go.

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