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Ski Country's Most Entertaining Customized Super Suites

Are you the person that not only likes to book a hotel, but book an exact room? Usually we're talking about booking the exact same room with a different view, but for three of our more creative Essential 38 ski town hotels - Vermont's Pitcher Inn, Colorado's Dunton Hot Springs, and New York's Lake Placid Lodge - we're talking about individualized and custom-made furniture, unique layouts, and even your own cabin with an outdoor shower. Here's some of our favorite wildest, most creative, and most well-done one-off rooms in ski country.

? The Pitcher Inn, which originally provided lodging for passing wagon drivers, pulled in all types of Vermont charm to outfit their individualized suites. The Hayloft suite has more a farm vibe with old agricultural implements hanging from the walls, while the Trout, Mallard, and Ski suites are outfitted in the spirit of fly-fishing, duck hunting, and skiing at nearby Mad River Glen and Sugarbush. The School suite even has a vintage illuminated globe and a chalkboard headboard.

? Dunton Hot Springs took advantage of every unique quirk of the various homesteaders' cabins they took over to start their all-inclusive retreat to create a collection of private log-hewn habitats loaded with character. Whether it's by period furniture, individually-conceived wooden walls, a copper soaking tub, or one-off exterior amenities like a hot outdoor shower or even a private hot springs, each of the cabins bring their own lodging flavor to the quirky and remote Dunton experience.

? Lake Placid Lodge has a series of private cabins along or near the lake whose interiors have been put together by local craftsmen, which comes as no surprise given the laborious touches put in in many of the cabins. Whether it's a birch bark ceiling, a bed canopy made out of swirling branches, or the various pieces of custom wood cabinetry, it's hard not to feel like you're staying in the home of some sort of 19th-century fur-trapping mogul.