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42 'Before' and 'After' Shots of Dramatic Hotel Facelifts

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Photos courtesy of W Hotels

Walk into a W Hotel and it's plain to see the brand's dedication to the bedazzler—its allegiance to a blingy, ultra-modern appeal is clear in every piece of transparent orange glass, at every coolly misshapen backlit bar, and with every smithereen of crystal, silver leaf, and LED. What's perhaps more interesting, though, is that many of the brand's preliminary outposts didn't look much like this at all. In fact, many of its original U.S. hotels are now getting revamped and souped up by the W's in-house team of designers.

Intrigued, Curbed asked around for some fuddy-duddy pre-renovation images of each recent W hotel renovations. The result? A compelling jangle of "before" and "after" images worthy of an HGTV makeover show. Take, for example, the W Seattle lobby—err, that's living room, to you—conversion, above, revamped by Skylab Architecture. With a design scheme entitled "Point of Impact," the place now boasts a huge brushed-metal fireplace, track-lit sofas, and metallic ottomans. Of course, that's not the only crazy-beautiful renovation on the books, so here's a gorgeous, totally non-exhaustive—leave suggestions in the comments!—study of dynamic hotel renovations, both for the W brand and beyond. Do have a look, below.

—additional reporting by Alexandra Danna

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