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Anatomy of a Hotel Room: The Saguaro Palm Springs

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The Saguaro Palm Springs opened in Feb. 2012 as the sister to the Scottsdale, Ariz., hotel of the same name—saguaro (pronounced suh-warh-oh) is a massive cactus species indigenous to Arizona's Sonoran Desert. Both vibrant, funky hotels owe their colorful design to architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat, who swathed everything from headboards to balcony walls in color. Here's a look at a Pool View King room in Palm Springs, and a few more specifics about the space:

1. The assertive palette—other rooms might have blue or orange walls—was inspired, ever poetically, by the wildflowers that grow in the Coachella Valley.
2. The black-and-white photos are all vintage shots from the Palm Springs Historical Society.
3. A royal purple carpet "was chosen for prosaic reasons rather than practical," the design team explains. "It's a vivid color that is not fragile. It also happens to look great with the rest of the palette, and positively sings in harmony with desert sunsets."
4. Each guest room has a suite of woven Mexican furniture; it's "an ancient design indigenous to the desert areas of what is now New Mexico, Central and South America, and the American West and Southwest before there were borders defining the areas."
5. Striped blankets were custom designed by Stamberg Aferiat + Associates and can be purchased at the hotel.

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