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Whitney Cummings & Chelsea Handler Inspect The Jerome's Furnishings

In December of last year, Aspen's historic Hotel Jerome unveiled a stunning renovation. In March of this year, Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings checked in for a girls weekend of debauchery, and made sure to test the various updated interior touches of the hotel's award-winning renovation with their imbibed bodies.

After a solid night of slamming tequila shots at Eric's and shunning the dozens of goggle-tanned 20-something males who undoubtedly spent the night fighting for pole position next to the hot comedian on the dance floor, Ms. Cummings made sure to stop and inspect the Jerome's hallways en route to the room. Inspections revealed a carpet comfortable enough for a bare bottom and a hallway width appropriate for drunken splaying.

The next inspection venue was the queen bed. While in a slightly misaligned spread eagle position, Whitney still validates that the queen's surface area is copious enough for a variety of splayed body formations.

Unfortunately the group was dismayed that despite the remodel, there was no heat in the building, and the four had to huddle in order to survive the night, armed only with their 800-thread count sheets and a humidifier. The horror, the horror! Thankfully, all appear to have survived the night, unless we're dealing with some top-rate publicists committed to the terms of their contracts.

-with help from Katie Shapiro

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