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Even The Fairmont Chateau Has Their Rough Moments

Motel 6s of the world rejoice - even those four-star properties who use the most egregiously annoying adjective in all of hospitality vernacular ("bespoke," ugh!) can manage to seriously screw up. In the case of Whistler's Fairmont Chateau, where even Chevy Chase has booked a room, a glitchy reservation system back in '07 was occasionally losing guests, causing newly arrived visitors to walk in on guests who had already booked their room, and in one case, a security guard to try and evict three young kids and their babysitter:

"The frontdesk staff even managed to mixed up the check-in. The room was booked by the conference organizer. While I was at the meeting, my wife checked in and they assigned the wrong room of another guest with a similar last name. I checked into another room in the late afternoon. Needless to say, a stranger entered into the my wife's room in the evening."

"Did you know that this hotel admits to frequently losing guests on their booking system. They lost us - and then decided that we were illegally in the 2 bedroom suite. At 9.30pm security entered my 8 year old nephew's room and tried to evict him (he was asleep at the time). They then tried to evict the baby sitter. When she explained that we were eating downstairs in the bar, they then tried to evict my 3 and 5 year old children by entering the other bedroom door. If this is not bad enough, they did not tell us THAT A LONE MALE SECURITY GUARD HAD ENTERED THE BEDROOM AT 9.30PM to do this. Just imagine if you had gone to bed after a hard day skiing and woken up to find a stranger in your bedroom!"

Background photo by Darren J. Bradley/Shutterstock