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Swimming Pool Or Stale Cigarette At Park City Peaks Hotel?

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Here, you can hot tub Lloyd and Harry style in a heart shaped bath. That is if you can stand the stench. The Park City Peaks Hotel was formerly a Radisson, but the when the same owners reopened the property in 2005, they didn't bother doing much with the place. The Trip Advisor reviews validate why room rates start at $69 per night:

"It smells like a hobo peed in all the rooms. Don't use this hotel unless you have no sense of smell."

"The entire hotel smells of SWIMMING POOL."

"Upon opening the door, the smell that hit my nose can only be described as pure MOLD. The furniture and bed were covered with stains and probably 20 to 30 years old. The bathroom had visible mold growing in the corner. Thank heavens I got out of their without catching a disease."

"It was a bit old and musty going in, but it got worse. The room was modest for what I paid and smelled horrible. I haven't felt so ripped off in my life."?

"The room smelled like stale smoke."

"There was an extremely unpleasant smell in the room and it was in desperate need of a good deep clean."
"Very disgusted with our stay."

"The elevator stunk of cigarette smoke every time we used it, and we couldn't even get near the restaurant because it reeked of smoke! Disgusting."

-Katie Shapiro

Background photo by Darren J. Bradley/Shutterstock