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Domestic Dispute Next Door Doesn't Warrant Free Room In Breck

Despite the perfectly nice-looking interior as shown above, occasionally things at the The Lodge & Spa at Breckenridge can get ugly enough for one guest to describe their stay there as "the worst night of my life" on Trip Advisor: "To make a long story short, we had to put up with a domestic dispute in the room next to our room that lasted over 3.5 hrs before one of them was arrested and taken off to jail. During this 3.5 hr ordeal, we attempted to call the lobby but had a hard time finding an attendant to answer the phone @ such a late hr (12:30 am). After finally getting someone to answer the phone they promised they would come up and ask the couple to quiet down They finally sent security and called the Breckenridge Police. Finally @ 3:30 am, and after a lot of screaming in the halls of the 2nd floor of the resort, they arrested one of the parties and took them off to jail. After all this the resort told us they didn't believe they owed us any compensation for our inconvenience."

-Katie Shapiro