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Words of Wisdom: 'It's Ranked Poorly for a Reason'

"It's ranked poorly for a reason." Perhaps the most useful words an online reviewer can type. These particular pearl of wisdom come from a one-star TripAdvisor review for the International Inn and Suites on Cape Cod. The Hyannis establishment disappointed most reviewers, who ranked the place "terrible" far more often than any other category. Just how terrible?

The room looked like a aged brothel, though it was supposed to be a lovely romantic getaway. The fixtures were stained and broken, The room smelled musty and the rug has apparently never been cleaned. Wall paper pealing, stains on the ceiling, and the toilet had stains that should never have been there for anyone to see. In case that wasn't clear, here's one more: The curtains are ripped, wall paper falling off, window screens ripped, looked like feces on the back of the shower curtain, toilet felt like it was going to face off it's base, bathroom door handle ready to fall off. They put a $50 hold on the room in case we caused damage?
· International Inn and Suites on Cape Cod reviews and photos via TripAdvisor