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Would You Lay Your Head On This Pillow?

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While most customers are satisfied with the location of the Hyannis Harbor Hotel, just about everything else about the place seems to draw ire. After insulting the intelligence of the hotel staff, one Yelp reviewer made this rather disturbing confession: "I peed in the pool..." Perhaps they'd been treated like this Yelper while at the pool: "The staff person in charge of handing out towels was very rude to us and accused us of bringing our own beverages in to consume, even though we did not." For shame. But onto the rooms themselves, a third Yelp review sums it up: "Stained carpets, dirty bathroom, stained mattress, just a nasty, nasty place." Finally, from the Trip Advisor reviewer who posted this photo: "The room was filthy- dirty carpet, hair and grunge on the floor radiator, stained throw pillow, holes in the ceiling. It was awful." [Yelp; TripAdvisor]