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Bugs, Bad Odors, Burn Holes and Bud-Scented Rooms

[Photo of Falmouth Inn is courtesy of TripAdvisor]

The Falmouth Inn picked up a single star from 12 out of 13 Yelp reviews. The main complaints? Cost, condition, bad odors (the place is pet-friendly), bugs and burn holes. "If you like mold, dirty windows that are held closed by broom sticks, flat as a pancake mattresses and the smell of marijuana in your room, this is the place for you!" Many TripAdvisor reviewers concurred, "There was a dirty ashtray on the dresser, and burn holes in everything! Burn holes in the chairs, carpet, blanket and even the notebook for guest information!" That said, not everyone agrees "There just aren't words to describe this hole." For what it's worth, three reviewers rated the Falmouth Inn "excellent." [Yelp; Trip Advisor]