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Ski Country's Most Baller All-Inclusive Experience

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First, forget everything you remember about your last all-inclusive vacation to Cancun: the corny faux-local vibe, mediocre food, and bottomless yet foul well drinks. The Eleven Experience is putting the "balling out of control" in "all-inclusive." To begin with, any and every form of private guided adventure experience, from cat skiing to fly fishing to mountain biking to rafting, is included along with airport pick-ups, made-to-order breakfast and lunch by a private chef, and oh yeah, the ability to groom a fresh trail in the middle of the backcountry should your grandparents or kids desire a mellow groomer instead of the 1,000 acres of private powder you and your buds will be shredding. Oh, and you can decide exactly when you'd like to go skiing that day.

Eleven's founder, a high-profile finance type who also loves fly-fishing and skiing, settled on the brand name thanks to the movie Spinal Tap and their amps that went up to 11, which will come across as badass to most or incredibly corny to any Wieden + Kennedy employees reading this. At any rate, the reclusive founder fell in love with Crested Butte, which he considers "America's last great ski town," and ended up buying the nearby Irwin Lodge cat-skiing operation, and then four years later, the 15,000 square foot Scarp Ridge Lodge. The lodge, a classic old Victorian in downtown Crested Butte that was originally a brothel for Croatian miners, went through a two-year renovation to an opening last May that revealed a bar, library, media room, kids' game room, salt-water lap pool, sauna, and seven beautiful yet not overbearing bedrooms. A few even feature the year's most outrageous ski hotel amenity - an in-room oxygen system that helps those coming from sea level acclimate to the high and thin Rocky Mountain air by boosting the oxygen supply in a given bedroom. Which means no excuses for not getting up early enough to go cat skiing. Oh, wait! If you're feeling a little lethargic in the AM, you can tell the Irwin Lodge boys to wait to fire up the snowcat until 10:30. It'll be no problem, since no one else is riding it. No worry about any of the other guides being rescheduled either, since they all work full-time for Eleven. If someone has a problem with a private snowcat, they can just take their complimentary lift tickets and hit up Crested Butte Mountain Resort for some on-piste skiing instead.

Too busy rushing from your Manhattan office to the Gulfstream to grab your ski gear? No problem. The Scarp Ridge Lodge has custom-made Wagner skis on hand for you to rip on, and their concierge service even offers a "retail mini-bar" where they can stock your guest room closet full of expensive ski clothes in your favorite color and size before you show up (although it costs extra, Lloyd).

The catch? It's all or nothing. If you want to play, you have to book our the entire lodge, which starts at $11,000/night in the summer and $15,000/night in the winter. Apparently, this reservation policy hasn't shunned too many people away, as Scarp Ridge Lodge, the flagship property, is already 65% booked for next winter. The only thing not included? A complimentary helicopter ride over the nearest Four Seasons so you can throw money out the window and laugh at the wannabe-rich people getting spa treatments below. We're holding out on calling this place "bespoke" until it's included.

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