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The Best Hotel Spa Treatments In Ski Country

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? Chocolate Body Facial - St. Regis, Aspen CO
Overindulgence doesn't exist in Aspen and Remède Spa's decadent offerings are just one of the many reasons why. This 120-minute treatment begins with a champagne scrub, followed by a warm chocolate mask, scalp massage and ends with a deep tissue massage with organic chocolate lotion. Arrive early or stay late for any service in the spa for a solid session in the Oxygen Lounge, where you are hooked up to an individual machine to suck in the good stuff under cozy blankets fireside.

? Iconic Facial at the Viceroy Snowmass, Snowmass Village, CO
A signature treatment of The Spa at the Viceroy Snowmass, this facial uses the healing power glacial spring water straight from the Swiss Alps. By combining medical grade pure collagen and a full strand of triple DNA, you can put that plan you might have had for needles to the face on hold. And new this summer, they're offering poolside cabana spa service from a select menu of mini-massages and express mani/pedis.

? Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub, Amangani, Jackson Hole
Taking a cue from the healing power found in the Himalayas, over 84 minerals are used to produce a master-cleanse for the skin that they say is comparable to a three-day fast. Toxins are released, minerals are absorbed, pH is balanced and the nervous system is soothed. The result? The smoothest skin you've ever had.

? Brew & Renew, Four Seasons Resort, Vail, CO
Guys, this one's for you! The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Vail has partnered with locally based Crazy Mountain Brewing Company to create a beer based treatment menu. Choose from the Amber Ale Foot Soak, Cara de Luna Black Ale Wrap, Stout Scalp Treatment, or Lava Lake Pub Scrub. And if the treatment isn't intoxicating enough, guests can enjoy a Brewsage, a massage incorporating hop oil, and a refreshing soak entitled Beer Brew Bath. There's a surprising number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your tall boy?who knew?

? 8150 Elevation Attunement, The Sebastian, Vail, CO
From visitors arriving from sea level, the altitude can hit you hard. Book this treatment for the first day of your vacation to instantly adapt?to 8,150 feet through a?series of unique techniques that will ease respiration, headaches and dehydration. You'll start with oxygen inhalation with an elixir and end with reflexology and a massage so you're ready to play hard.

-Katie Shapiro