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The Definitive Guide to Opening a Sleek, Ultra-Modern Hotel

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With hotels like the W and the oh-so-avant-garde The Standard leading the pack, swanky, modern hotels are enjoying a moment in the (neon/flashing/rainbow) spotlight, attracting cool kids and party boy professionals into a realm of oontz-oontz lighting schemes and over-complicated cocktails like moths to a fuchsia LED flame. To add to the arsenal of starter kits for beloved (if endearingly mockable) hotel themes—which now includes hipster boutique offerings and B&Bs—here's the all-inclusive guide to crafting a hot, clubby hotel. Grab a glowstick and have a look.


And now, in more detail...

1. Monochromatic rooms, like this all-yellow number spotted at The Standard in downtown L.A.
2. Or, alternatively, a beautiful, Skittles-inspired? rainbow pool. W Seoul boasts a pretty one, for example.
3. A ridiculously huge foot, like the one found in the bathroom of L.A.'s The Standard.
4. Take a cue from W Times Square and get yourself some rotating beds. Nothing says modern like a rotating bed.
5. Say it with neon! What is "it"? Whatever strikes your fancy. For example, the Mondrian Soho in NYC writes this helpful hint: "This is not a brothel there are no prostitutes at this address."
6. Armchairs that look like sea monsters. These bad boys were created by the Campana Brothers for the New Hotel in Athens, Greece.
7. At least one glowing bar, like this one at W Montréal.
8. Walls of colored glass. These are at W Times Square.
9. Upside-down logos. The epitome of sleekness.
10. A gold, light-up dollar sign, like this piece sighted over at the Karim Rashid-designed Semiramis in Athens.
11. Oversized whoopee cushions. This one is at The Standard on NYC's High Line park.
12. Topiary pillows, like these spotted at a W in Bali.
13. A pouty lip sofa, like this number at Sanderson London.
14. Bathtubs within six steps of the beds.
15. A chair made for a giant/NBA player, like this set-up for the Philippe Starck-designed Clift Hotel in San Francisco.
16. All manner of club lighting. W Montréal has got it right.
17. Um. Art? Melting pie tins? Whatever the heck these things are at the New Hotel?
18. This creepy little chair, spotted over at the Delano South Beach.
19. This creepy little dog portrait, at Sanderson London.
20. Eyeballs on the barstools, also at Sanderson London.
21. Lime green escalators, like these found at the Hudson New York. Or, alternatively, lime-green anything.
22. A biergarten. The Standard in downtown L.A. has one.
23. Disembodied faces on walls, just like these over at St. Martins Lane in London.
24. Or take it one step further, with disembodied doll faces on the walls, like this piece sighted over at the Mondrian Miami.

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