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This Hotel Sits Like a Photo Frame That Won't Hang Straight

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No, it's not just you: this hotel proposal for Lima, Peru, looks exactly, exactly like a single, crooked piece of Cracklin' Oat Bran, though that's probably not what Madrid-based firm OOIIO Architecture had in mind when it crafted its proposal for Unbalance Hotel. In fact, the architects hope their plans for a cliff-hugging structure will be a landmark for the capital city and, yes, a giant crooked picture frame for the country's landscapes; from one side of the hotel, the structure becomes a portrait of the Andes mountains, from the other, a seascape of the Pacific. Perhaps above all else, the proposal is rather beautiful, if conceptually just as "unbalanced" as the title proclaims.

In all there would be 125 rooms, including restaurants and other public spaces, spread over about 173,000 square feet.

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