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With Mini Golf and Tiki Bars, Youtube HQ is a Geeky Dream

Taking cues from parent company Google (the bona-fide pioneer of funhouse office details), Youtube's HQ in San Bruno, Calif. (recently featured on Refinery29), is brimming with the primary colors, unnecessary technology (there's a fake bonfire made of tablet screens), and mini golf courses we've all come to expect from the offices of tech powerhouses. Also inside: a three-man, three-floor slide; an airy cafe; "energy pods" for afternoon naps; and a Tiki bar that may or may not be manned by Darth Vader.

The building itself, according to TechnoBuffalo, is actually a sprawling, green-roofed structure (hmm, sounds familiar) that was once considered one of the eco-friendly buildings in California. All that's missing, really, are orange groves and teeny tiny living rooms, but, hey, it's worth mentioning again that there's a Tiki bar manned by Darth Vader.

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