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Woodward At Copper Finishes Up Renovations, Adds Chairlift

The Woodward at Copper action sports training facility at the base of Copper Mountain is finishing up an interior renovation that added 4,000 square feet of multi-level skateboard and bike ramps to the 19,400 square foot barn while replacing some of the jump surfaces. Beforehand, visitors would bring their skis and snowboards from home, slide down a carpet-like surface known as Snowflex, and attempt tricks off a ramp into a pit of giant foam blocks for practice before taking those tricks to snow. Woodward changed those surfaces over to Skatelite so that people could hit the same jumps on skateboards and BMX and mountain bikes, while the snow folks will have to hit the jump on specially-designed roller skis and snowboards. The facility will re-open June 15th in time for summer camp (although adults can get their flip on, too).

Woodward also pioneered the concept of building what is more or less an artificial glacier for their summer ski and snowboard camps. While most of their competition operates at permanent, natural glaciers at Mount Hood and Whistler, both at Copper Mountain and over at Woodward Tahoe, snowcats spend most of April and May pushing whatever snow they can into a 15-foot deep lane of snow lined with terrain park features that slowly melts over the course of the summer. This summer Woodward Copper's opening their first public snow shredding, which will be in a small terrain park called Green Acres that will be lift-accessed from the Pitchfork double chair and will host a group of rails and boxes. Lift tickets will be available starting June 22nd for $25, with the lift running every Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm and the occasional Sunday.

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