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7 Fantastic Lines From Lonny's Fawning Kelly Wearstler Story

It's no mystery why everyone, including many, many a magazine editor, adores L.A.-based interior (and fashion) designer Kelly Wearstler: her brand of noir maximalism begets interiors that look fantastic on the glossies of shelter pubs, wherein metal leaf, marble floors, and dismembered gold limbs reel in a reader's eye. And in a world full of praise on high for the designer, Lonny's recent piece, a home tour of her maximalist Beverly Hills estate that's listed for $39M, may just take the cake for the most gushing treatment. In fact, the piece—headlined "It's Kelly Wearstler's World"—reads a bit like Wearstler fanfiction. Intrigued? Below, the most adulatory lines:

7. "From the beginning of the day, I forget I'm in the presence of a jet-setting, highly scheduled head of a design empire. I get to know the laid-back host with an easy smile and playful streak."

6. "But when the Lonny crew and I meet her at her Beverly Hills estate, she enters laughing, regaling us in an amiable drawl-tinged voice (she grew up in South Carolina) with a self-deprecating tale of running out of gas on the freeway."

5. "Later, the boys [her sons, in a band] put on a show for us, impressing not only the crew but also Wearstler, who sits tapping her aqua stilettos and snapping photos on her phone. When I catch her eye a minute later and mouth, 'Wow!' she nods proudly."

4. "Everywhere you look, there is a breathtaking, rule-breaking major style moment, making up a veritable dreamscape of design inspiration."

3. "But there's something you may not have known about Ms. Wearstler: she's cool."

2. "'When I was designing the house, I left plenty of room for roughhousing,' says Wearstler, who's been known to strap on a pair of Rollerblades and join them."

1. "[She's] a devoted mom who, as she leaves for a casual family dinner, grabs her husband a sweater, corrals her kids into the car, and drives off, tank full of gas."

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