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Cover Star of House Beautiful's First Issue Sells For $2.25M

Word comes via Curbed Chicago that this medieval-style manor in Evanston, Ill., recently sold for $2.25M as a pocket listing. In one day. What makes the seven-bedroom, three-story tudor so coveted? Well, for one, its 4,685 square feet of recently renovated interiors boast scads of fascinating architectural details, including latticed windows, heavy arched doorways, exposed beams, huge fireplaces, medieval-inspired lighting, and a swirling (leopard print?!) staircase. The real draw, though? The spread, which was built in 1893, was featured in the debut issue of House Beautiful, in 1896.

At the time, HB operated out of Chicago and was run by editor-in-chief Eugene Klapp, who, according to Chicago Mag, used the pub to show off "the homes of many of our richest citizens [...] furnished in execrable taste." All this combined with the fact that the sellers were willing to take 8 percent less than they paid in 2006 meant we regular folk—that is, the people not on the Realtor's pre-sale (the technical term is "first dibs") list—really didn't have a chance. Of course, that's not to say one can't ogle the "in execrable taste" in the listing photos; do have a look above.

· Star of first House Beautiful issue sold for $2.25M in a day. [Curbed Chicago]
· 1745 Hinman Ave, Chicago, Ill. [Redfin]