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Come See Paul Smith's Beautiful, Incredibly Cluttered Studio

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For his portrait of famed English fashion designer Paul Smith, Nottingham-based photographer David Baird knew he wanted to capture Smith in his natural habitat: a frenetically cluttered office in London's Covent Garden, filled top to bottom with neon tomes, small toys, boxes of Polaroid film, heaps of unfolded clothes, and the colorful finds of a well-traveled collector. To capture every ball of yarn, butterfly barrett, porcelain bunny, rubber spider, and toy car—and you thought Jenna Lyons' studio was disheveled!—Baird took 20 hours to stitch together 180 high-resolution still images of Smith's office. "My whole life is about being childlike," Smith once said, according to My Modern Met. "That's why this room is just full of toys, beautiful books, strange objects, good fun things." A look at Baird's snippets, below.

All of Baird's shots are on display, panorama-style, over at GigaPan.

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