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Summer at Steven Spielberg's Place For $125K a Month

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Word is that director Steven SpielbergSaving Private Ryan, Indiana Jones, Lincoln—has nudged his Malibu beach compound on the rental market, quietly asking $125K a month for his 7,237-square-foot Craftsman-style main house and accompanying two-bedroom guest house. Sure, it sounds like a lot of money to spend every 30 days on just 1.08 acres, but the spread, which includes 130 feet of beach frontage, a massage room, and (duh) a screening room (and, let's face it, Spielberg has been known to go hog wild with his screening rooms), looks like a downright bargain compared to the houses down the block. In fact, this particular estate, on Malibu's Broad Beach—home to the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Danny DeVito, and Goldie Hawn—is half the amount Pierce Brosnan demanded for his Broad Beach palace last summer—not to mention the fact that the nearby Gehry-designed Borman House is currently asking $57.5M.

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