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Own The Late Hot Dog Mogul John Galardi's Aspen Ranch

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With stylings reminiscent of Ralph Lauren's infamous Telluride ranch (albeit on 16,944 fewer acres), Meanwhile Ranch in Old Snowmass is going up for auction sans reserve in two weeks. The ranch was bought in 2004 for $15 million by the late hot dog franchise magnate John Galardi, who started Wienerschnitzel in 1961 and turned it into the world's largest hot dog chain, among other fast-food ventures. Galardi had been an on and off presence in Aspen since the 70's until his passing this April.

This 6-building complex of 56 acres of ranchable land off Highway 82 purports to be a "true gentleman's ranch" according to its marketing, and makes a solid effort towards the claim. A 12,000 square foot main house built in the traditional Adirondack national park style has a 35-foot high main room that's complimented by plenty of pictures of buffalo and Native American blankets. 4 bedrooms and a generous count of 7 baths fill out the interior while another 5 bedrooms and 7 baths can be found in the neighboring two caretaker apartments and guest house. And no $27.5 mil Western gentleman's ranch would be complete without a 7,000 equestrian center. Meanwhile, a sizable entertaining patio gives guests the chance to ogle all that pristine land you own.

Galardi first put the property on the market in 2007 after his kids had grown up, with the list price fluctuating everywhere from $20 million to $35 million since then. After Galardi passed away this April, the ranch went to his ex-wife Cindy Culpepper, who went for the auction option after going through the process with another of her properties and deciding that it produced "the highest, fair market price for unique assets." This particular unique asset goes up for auction June 21st, with showings available in the afternoons leading up to the no-reserve auction.

· Meanwhile Ranch, 1621 Lower River Road, Snowmass, CO [Joshua & Co.]