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John Lautner's Wolff House Relists in L.A. for $7.995M

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For the fifth time in nine years, L.A.'s Wolff House, a 1961 four-bedroom designed by SoCal architecture hero (and Bob Hope favorite) John Lautner, has hit the market. The "home as art," as the brokerbabble calls it, seems a quintessential modern tangle of glass, steel, and stone—"Lautner houses all look like they would make great obstacle courses," a commenter writes over at Curbed LA—with 16-foot ceilings, full-on glass walls, recessed lighting, and a stone fireplace. Once owned by actor Vincent Gallo and modern house addict Michael LaFetra, the place now asks $7.995M after last selling for $5.55M in 2008. More photos, below.

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