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Stalling of Blindbull Delights Critics, But Likely Not For Long

According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, the Lincoln County commissioners have decided to shelve their final vote on the proposed Blindbull Meadows subdivision, which would build 29 homes, likely second homes for summer use, along with some RV and camp sites on 73 acres of remote recreation-zoned land along a river 35 miles South of Jackson in Bridger-Teton National Forest. The commissioners had unresolved concerns about the density being too packed to attract buyers, as well as concerns about water quality and wildlife issues, as local hunters maintain that the area is used as winter range for moose, elk, and mule deer. Developer Dan Schwab defended himself in the meeting by highlighting the fact that Blindbull Meadows would keep 75% of the property as open space, whereas recreation-zoned property in the county only requires fifty percent, and that he'd already asked conservation groups to work with him on placing an easement on the property.

The project has courted plenty of ire since its proposal, with most of the dozens of public comments e-mailed in reflecting highly negative opinions. A Facebook page, Info on Greys River Subdivision, has been set up as an impromptu opposition group, and a recent petition by the group has garnered over a thousand signatures. Most in the group mock the public benefit of having the services of the development's gas station and convenience store, while refuting in general the idea of developing the remote wilderness area accesible only by a 22-mile Forest Service dirt road and a small airstrip, which Schwab hopes to revive for potential buyers' usage. They'd like the entire property placed into an easement, but no one has stepped up to buy the land, now worth $2.5 million, for that purpose. An earlier News & Guide story claimed that "outright denial of BlindBull would be unlikely."

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