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Here Now, Bjarke Ingels' Blocky Plans for the Lego Museum

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When word got out that BIG, the firm of wacky architecture it-boy Bjarke Ingels, was tapped to design the world's very first Lego museum, a 82,000-square-foot homage to the planet's premier architect starter-kit, Ingels himself perhaps summarized the situation the most succinctly: "It will be the best museum ever." Well, Lego just released the preliminary renderings, and the white, blocky structure does indeed look rather awesome; in fact, it makes it all the more clear that the Danish architect's penchant for stark, funny-shaped (a technical term) buildings is kind of made for a brand like Lego.

Inside the geometric form, to open in Bilund, Denmark: exhibition areas, a café, a Lego store, and a public square. Construction is slated to wrap in 2016, so there's still a year or two until we all need to start looking into airfare.

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