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Sneak a Peek Inside Jessica Alba's Antiques-Filled Abode

Actress and "eco-evangelist" Jessica Alba recently gave new shelter site Domaine the grand tour of her eclectic Beverly Hills home, a Mediterranean spread stuffed to the gills with midcentury pieces and decor smalls cultivated from Craigslist and trips to Southern California's flea markets. "I find that things that are mass-produced these days don't have the touch that older things have," Alba told Domaine. "I also like the story behind something, the fact that it's had a life." The most interesting story behind one of her pieces? F. Scott Fitzgerald once owned the carved wooden armchair in her living area, no big deal. Other random things to be found: a leg cast—"an award that Cash [Warren, her producer husband] received"—and a little mushroom table in the backyard. "We like having little random things around."

For the living room (above) Alba commissioned sofas covered in flame-retardant-free velvet and filled with nontoxic stuffing. That's about all the details Alba divulges, but many a humble man has fallen at the feet of her decorating decisions—at one point, they almost inspired a reality TV show.

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