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Come Ogle Las Vegas' Most Absurd-Beyond-Words Palace

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At this fine hour, on this most auspicious day, and without further ado, here Curbed presents the most over-the-top house in Las Vegas. And, as it's no secret that Vegas is the uncontested grand dominion of baffling and over-the-top mansions, it's probably safe to say that this 6,872-square-foot palace, on the market for $5.25M, reigns as one of the most bonkers listings on Earth. Oh, where to start? The bathtub area that even Liberace might tone down? The windowless room with the red carpet and disco ball? The gold couch? The bathtub? The chandeliers? The frescoes that cover every wall and ceiling? Happy Friday, fresco fans.

UPDATE: Commenters pointed out that the current owners of this so-called residence are using the place as a party rental—Yelp reviews here—a good thing for all the local vampire revelers and the members of the Liberace fan club.

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