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Staggeringly Modern Costa Rican Casa Struggles to Find Buyer

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Nestled atop an earthen promontory in the jungles of central Costa Rica, this aggressively styled modern villa has been having a hard time finding a willing buyer. Completed last year, the austere four-bedroom, five-bathroom house is so minimally furnished that the open-air living room is outfitted with only a small rug and low leather cushion, while the subterranean kitchen is done up in glistening glossy black cabinetry, but has no stools to service the giant cantilevered island. Poor staging aside, the dramatic architecture does hold some promise, with a folding glass wall that allows for an integration of indoor and outdoor space and a swimming pool that juts out toward the jungle. If the minimalist design turns off some Costa Rican buyers, the price tag won't help either. This jungle abode is asking $2.7M.
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