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Proposed Hypermodern Qatari Palace Offers 'Ultimate Luxury'

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Renderings: Vyonyx/Oppenheim

Designed for a desolate patch of desert outside of Doha, this absurdly large—127,078 square feet, to be exact—proposed mansion will, according to the architects at Oppenheim, be "one with the kinetic rhythms of Qatar." It will also be one catering to the expensive tastes of some of Qatar's richest citizens—the kind of folks who buy $47M Manhattan townhouses, but never move in. Heck, it's a whole 37,000 square feet roomier than America's largest single-family house, the ill-fated Versailles in Windemere, Fla.

Promising "ultimate luxury," it would sit amid a vast irrigated lot, with full-sized soccer field, acres of koi ponds, and a wall around the compound to keep out the riffraff. There's no official word yet on just how much this curvaceous structure would cost to build, nevermind maintain in the desert heat, but that probably won't be an issue in the land where money is no object.
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