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Take a Closer Look at Greenwich's $190M Copper Beech Farm

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When the 50-acre Copper Beech Farm came to market back in May, asking a staggering $190M, the listing was a little shy about the interiors, opting only to feature the estate's impeccable grounds and a few aerial shots. Now the listing has been updated with some photos of the interiors and they're, well, pretty disappointing. It is fitting that a house currently owned by a timber baron—John M. Rudey—should have plenty of wood-paneled walls, but the condition of the enclosed porches and the lackluster furnishings suggest that Rudey is waiting for the buyer to make any stylish adjustments. Fun fact: Rudey endured a slight scandal back in 2003 when he was arrested for hosting an underage drinking party at the estate. Police discovered the bash after two attendees, both members of the Harvard rugby team, were seen streaking across a nearby road.
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