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Restart Your Political Career In Jackson For Under A Million

Yesterday we covered Liz Cheney, daughter of ex-veep Dick Cheney, and her efforts at assimilating into Wyoming life and culture since buying a $1.9 million log home in Jackson Hole. Ever since moving from the Virginia Beltway last summer, Liz has been tweeting like mad about how much she loves Wyoming (aka #GodsCountry) and doing everything she can to buddy up with Wyoming's rural coal & gun-loving Republicans. We thought we'd do our political readers a favor and round up a few family-friendly homes suitable for a variety of relocating politicians that might well have less home-buying power than the Halliburton-enriched Cheney family.

? Catering to the progressive urban Democrat, this Crabtree Lane three bedroom exudes the light, funky fun every urbanite will love while still maintaining a zip code in rural Wyoming. A spacious seafoam-green living room sports a super efficient woodstove, while a remodeled kitchen and pink kids' bedroom give the 1,400 square foot interior plenty of spark. There's also a garage for storing all those expensive outdoor toys you'll undoubtedly accumulate and a separate shed next to the backyard to store all your organic gardening supplies. Being walking distance (20 minutes) from the middle and high schools should give you plenty excuses to schmooze with local parents while demonstrating how progressive you are by not driving your SUV in town. $599,500 · 170 Crabtree Lane, Jackson, WY [Jackson Hole Sotheby's]

? Perfect for the impassioned conservationist, this 1,654 square foot three bedroom is a mere fifteen feet from the pristine waters of Flat Creek. While the '70s-vintage interior might leave a little bit to desire, the realtors make it clear you'll be watching so many deer, moose, geese, beavers, and other fauna pass by you'll hardly even notice. It'd be the perfect venue to ask the local Sierra Club members to help run your political campaign. $885,000. · MLS # 13-620 in Jackson, WY 83001 [Jackson Hole Real Estate]

? On the other hand, if you're trying to collect more Republican votes, you probably want something with some more space that will look like a barn and sits on some open land to boost your faux-ranching bonafides. This 2,036 square foot Melody Ranch home should do the trick. 3 beds, 2 baths, and lots of good wood, from the floors to the kitchen to the recycled barn beams used to accent the living room entrance and hold up one of the beds. There's also a back porch with a great view of #GodsCountry that you can admire while grillin' up some half pound Bison burgers for your local GOP fundraiser. $775,000. · 4430 S FALLEN LEAF LN, Jackson, WY [Jackson Hole Real Estate]