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This Pad in Madrid Is Like a Slightly Less Sterile Art Gallery

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Spotted recently over at Domaine—the latest purveyor of just-plain-lovely interiors, including those of Jessica Alba and Molly Sims—is this apartment in Madrid that looks like somebody tumbled some neon furnishings, midcentury antiques, and large-scale art into a slick, expensive-looking Styrofoam cooler. Like an art gallery, the house's built details almost completely disappear as a background of ice-white, drawing more attention to what the designer, Barcelona-based Maria Lladó brought into the space: a hot pink podium, a nude by English painter Philip Jones, a Louis XV chair, a bobcat, a pair of bright yellow ears, and many more stunning, if not exactly "homey," details. It's definitely worth a look, so do peruse a few more photos, below.

· Art House by Maria Lladó [Domaine]