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Say Hey to a Holiday House Made From 'Seaweed Pillows'

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Taking cues from the traditional methods that once built hundreds of homes on the Danish island of Læsø, architecture studio Vandkunsten has built an island vacation house out of seaweed "pillows." Concerned that traditional seaweed houses were being destroyed or falling into disrepair, Danish non-profit group Realdania Byg commissioned the firm to mesh the centuries-old building materials—"the ultimate sustainable material," Realdania Byg's Jørgen Søndermark told Dezeen—with 21st century aesthetics and methods.

The result is The Modern Seaweed House, a place that's just about as pretty as it is sustainable. As Søndermark continues: "It reproduces itself every year in the sea, it comes ashore without any effort from humans, and it is dried on nearby fields by sun and wind. It insulates just as well as mineral insulation, it is non-toxic and fireproof, and it has an expected life of more than 150 years!"

· The Modern Seaweed House by Vandkunsten and Realdania Byg [Dezeen]