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Erosion Be Damned! Malibu Beachtop House Lists for $8M

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No sooner did Vanity Fair publish a lengthy look at the issue of erosion on the coasts of Nantucket and Malibu, than this 3,000-square-foot house, built over a Malibu beach, comes to market, asking $8M. The "Cape Cod beach house" is located on the soon-to-be-ironically-named Sea Level Drive, just north of Broad Beach. Build largely on concrete pilings, the precariously located house doesn't have the option, as Vanity Fair puts it, of a "managed retreat," or moving back as the ocean advances, because the road lies just to the rear of the existing structure. Still, the intrepid homeowners—who purchased the waterfront spread back in 1996 for a little more than $2M—are hoping to quadruple their money in the face of rising tides.

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