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Battle Of The Vaulted Ceilings: Jackson Hole $800K Edition

Two Jackson Hole single-family homes in the $750-800K range. Both hovering around 2000 square feet. Both with main rooms with handsomely vaulted ceilings built last year. But only one can win your heart. Which will it be?

? Built in 2012, this 1,800 square foot 3 bedroom home in Wilson has a beautiful main room on the second floor with a lot of space for dinner parties, cooking, and reading of the New Yorker while swaddled in some cashmere. It would appear that the bedrooms are all on the first floor behind the garage, although the realtor wants you to really, really focus on that modern main living space. $765,000 · 1490 Old Schoolhouse Lane, Wilson, WY [Jackson Hole Real Estate Assoc.]

? This 2,200 square foot three bedroom sits in Jackson's Porcupine Canyon, and while the outside might look a little plain, a reno last year gave the place a gorgeous living room with high vaulted ceilings. A painted beam frame separates the living room from the pretty kitchen, while a spacious patio, neighboring wilderness, and wood sauna in the garage make the case for dropping $795,000 on the place. · 110 East Broadway, Jackson, WY [RE/MAX Obsidian]

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